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Family Reunion.



Stay tuned for more information on the 2008 Collins Family Reunion

Tuscalossa, AL

One God, One Love, One Family!!!!



Soon you will be able to  find the agenda for the past 2008 Family Reunion.


Bryant Denny Stadium, Tusculoosa AL

  The registration fees includes the following:

2 July

-Registration and get acquainted night in the Encore lounge to include refreshments.

-Starting of a new tradition.

3  July

-Family Banquet.


-Door Prizes (raffles)

-Dress to Impress.

4 July

-Continental Breakfast and Church Service

--Family Picnic

-Fun Filled Activities

5 July

-Departure, Checkout at 12noon


Be sure to send in your installment payments for the reunion this month!

The installment plan  soon to follow:

1st Installment - Needs to be determined

2nd Installment - Needs to be determined

3rd Installment and Final - Needs to be determined

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Hotel Information

Soon to follow.

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